Zembala: “My Mindset, Its Kill or be Killed”

Cage Legacy spoke to Team Torres lightweight standout Marcin Zembala ahead of his professional lightweight showdown at Cage Legacy 3 against Alejandro Toutparfait from Allstars Training Centre in Sweden.

We asked Zembala how did he get into MMA? “My brother showed me Matt Hughes slamming Carlos Newton and I was hooked. Then I seen a couple of BJ Penn fights and thought to myself that this is the best thing I’ve ever seen”marcin n

“I love a good left hook, doesn’t matter if it’s to the body or to the head, as long as it hurts. And once it hits the ground then any sort of choke is my thing”

“My parents, my coaches and my teammates are the people I look up to the most”

When we spoke to the confident Zembala today he stated: “I’ll be in his face until he quits. 15 minutes is plenty of time to find his chin or grab his neck.I’m not one for trash talk so I just hope he gets through his camp injury free and in the best shape of his life”

Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd, Neptune Stadium Cork. Marcin Zembala takes onĀ Alejandro Toutparfait plus many more top class bouts, Not many tickets left so get yours now

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