What muscles you should be aiming for with your leg kicks

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So lets present the scenario:you are in a fight, and it’s pretty tight. You are banged up, and your opponent keeps advancing on you. You need to stop him, break him down, so now would be the perfect time to do one of these two basic things: 
(1)Push Kick
(2)Round House Kick

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Even though everyone loves a good spinning-heel-kick to the chin or a clean landing tornado kick to the ribs; you need to a) conserve energy b) ensure you are up on the judges score cards. 

Luckily for us 8limbs.us has given us a scientific insight into the roundhouse kick, where to kick, and why. Remember, it is important to know your opponent and this is where the phrase knowing someone inside out comes into play:

So how do you chop down your opponent without wasting too much energy? According to 8limbs.us you do so by the right above each side of the knee, well just above it to buckle and hurt your opponent.

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Next you want to aim just below about 7 inches the hip , on the very upper quad, as this is where the iliotibial band lies, and its going to freaking hurt your opponent. 

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Just make sure opponents don’t see this post, or it will be your leg that gets the beating…

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