Wahab Zadeh: “I am a puzzle yet to be solved”

Meet Wahab Zadeh,20 year old Kurdish prospect. born in Kurdistan, raised in the streets of Dublin from Spartan MMA in Tallaght,Dublin.

After two seccsesful K-1 bouts Wahab Zadeh will make his MMA Debut on Cage Legacy.


Cage Legacy spoke with Zadeh about his upcoming bout on Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda against Damien O Hea from Samson MMA in Cork.

“I will fight in the biggest arenas and entertain my people. Training in Spartan is how I always imagined it. It’s a small community and I feel at home. The coaches are everything I can ask for”

My training speaks for itself when I step into the ring,octagon or on the mats. I am thrilled to finally step into the Octagon at Cage Legacy and show off my skills. I’ve always wanted to be an athlete and I just couldn’t go on living a 9-5 job.

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“A brother sparked the idea and it stuck in my head ever since. Out of all the combat sports MMA stood out the most, it’s the closest to a real fight. Left kick to the liver is my favourite as opponents curl in pain”

Video below from Wahab’s first K-1 bout….


“I’m inspired by a lot of great people in history and myself for I am a puzzle yet to be solved”

“For me being a fighter is working so hard for half.of your life and being fat for the other half. The difference between me and the rest of the division is I’ve been hungry since 96. Someday I like to fight Artem “Nice ‘N’ Flowey” Lobov for my red panty night”.

Featherweight bout at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda

Wahab Zedeh (Spartan) Vs Damien O Hea (Samson Cork)

Tickets on sale HERE

Full Fight Card HERE

Photo Credit- Ko Media

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