Unbeaten John Mitchell gets Title shot at Cage Legacy Fight Night!

Cage Legacy spoke with 3-0 unbeaten welterweight prospect John Mitchell from BJJ Cork.
John Mitchell has been nothing short of magnificent in his last three MMA outings and his next bout will be against current Cage Legacy welterweight champion Makinde Adeyemi at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on February 11th.
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John Mitchell also has numerous Muay Thai Fights at high level and when both men go head to head this fight is sure to have fireworks!
Below are a few questions we asked John Mitchell….
How did you start the sport?
“I was living in Cavan with my dad and there was a really good boxing gym called Carrickmacross and I decided to call in one day and loved it. Then when I moved back to cork I found BJJ Cork and Siam warriors and started training every day
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Your favourite strike?
“My favorite strike is definitely the Question mark kick, I’ve thrown it in nearly every Thai fight or MMA fight I’ve done. I’m definitely going to finish someone with it next year”
Who is your biggest inspiration ?
“I don’t have one particular inspiration but I get inspired to train harder by getting smashed by everyone at my gym. I still don’t think I’ve ever passed Liam Beechinors guard or even come close, or else come close to beating Arann Maguire in a mma round, or else out kicked Aaron O’Callaghan in Sparring. The guys in my gym are killers and that’s motivation enough to train”
What separated you from every other fighter?
“I think what separates me from every other fighter is I genuinely love getting in there and love every aspect of the game. In my first 13 months training I fought 11 times in total. I annoy people in the gym because I’m ALWAYS smiling even when all cutting weight. It took about 6 fights before I finally learned to stop smiling in the fight posters. But because of that I’ve no problem being in the gym all the time sometimes it feels like I live there”
Dream fight?
“My dream fight would have to be Bob Sapp. Imagine if I caught him with a lucky punch and sparked him”
What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?
“Someone that always got in there and always took the hardest fights.That’s what real fighters do”
 Video:John Mitchell Vs Niyi Behan (Cage Legacy 1)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD0h3kwagLE]

Video: Makinde Adeyemi winning the Welterweight championship at Cage Legacy 1 against Micheal Vojtanic with the quickest finish in Cage Legacy history so far, Only .53 second it took Adeyemi to become champion. Watch the quick finish below…


Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on the 11th February 2017.
John Mitchell Vs Makinde Adeyemi (C) at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda
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Fight Card HERE
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