O’Connor: “I can’t see the fight going past the second round”

Ryan O’Connnor SBG Cork takes on Jordan Bradshaw in the featherweight division at Cage Legacy 3 n Cork this Saturday night in the Neptune Cork. A contestant of the W”W program he now looks to move on to the bigger leagues and has a tricky task ahead of him in CMAC MMA’s Bradshaw.

When we spoke to O’Connor and asked him how he got int the sport he replied: “I got into the sport from boxing. Boxed for a number of years in different clubs. I was convinced to try MMA eventually but had been a fan for years before hand. Haven’t looked back since although I’d still have a lot of interest in boxing”

“As a boxer I like to use my hands a lot. I like using the shorter ranges to fire off quick hooks and undercuts in close quarters. In saying that I am also comfortable on the ground and love finishing a choke”

We asked O’Connor what or who inspires him the most? “Growing up, I would have drawn a lot of inspiration watching Mike Tyson fight. That’s not to say all my inspiration comes from the boxer either. I saw an inspiring figure in Roy Keane too. The pair are similar in their relentless work ethic and no nonsense approach, which has stuck with me and helps me get the most out of my time in and outside of the gym”


“I can’t see the fight going past the second round. I don’t need a feeling out phase. I know what needs to be done from the first bell and I’m confident in getting it done. No matter where the fight goes I can control it. Be it standing, against the cage, or on the ground, we have all bases covered in this camp.”


“After this fight I will be straight into another one in Dublin on the 29th of July. From there I’m hoping to get a crack at the world championship try outs for team Ireland. I hope to press for a cage legacy title by the years end too”

“The movement of the human body interests me hugely, especially in a fighting capacity. I also have a background in bio-mechanics, which I think helps me understand the motion of a fight to a higher level. I don’t think very many people can move the way I move or strike as intelligently as I do. My strength and conditioning is also second to none. I put this down to my own work ethic combined with the expertise of the people at Momentum Performance, who are working with me on this camp. I can train at a full capacity everyday due to the specificity of my training along with the help of Laura Galvin Physical Therapy to increase and maintain my mobility.”

This fight has the potential to be a cracker not many tickets left so get yours now..

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