Nowak:”I wanna be remembered as one of the Greatest”

Adam Nowak from Arena Wexford (5-1) will get a shot at the Cage legacy lightweight championship title at Cage legacy Fight Night Drogheda against the current champion Ciaran Clarke from SBGi..
“One of my friend told me about Arena Wexford MMA gym and ever since the first class i have been here with my coach Peter Bajon”
adam nnn.jpg
At Cage Legacy 1 it only took him 1.30 seconds to finish his opponent with a vicious body kick, see video below..


“My biggest inspirations are my coaches and some of the UFC fighters and boxers”

Cage Legacy asked Nowak what it means to him to be a fighter? “It means a lot for me to be a fighter because that’s what my life is all about I like fighting I really enjoy it and keeps me focused on right track in my life”


“When I finish my career I wanna be remembered as one of the greatest fighters and I’ll keep moving forward until I achieve this goal”

Tickets on sale now for Cage legacy Fight Night Drogheda HERE

Fight card HERE

Photo Credit – KO Media

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