Mitchell: “My circle around me are what inspires me most”

Our current welterweight champion John Mitchell defends his title in his hometown Cork this Saturday July 22nd against Team Ryano’s Ivan Blanita.

Mitchell originally started boxing when he was living with his dad in Cavan then when he was back in Cork he joined forces with Siam Warriors and BJJ Cork and went from there.

“My circle around me are what inspires me most. My Family Friends and people in my gym constantly supporting me and encouraging me are what pushes me on to keep doing well. A lot can be said for a few good men all moving in the same direction”

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When we asked the our welterweight champion Mitchell what he predicts the outcome of the fight will be he relied: “I have a pretty good idea about how this fight will go down but I’ll show you instead of telling you”

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“After this fight i am going to focus on improving each aspect of MMA instead of fighting every 6 weeks” 7- i think What separates me from every other fighter in the division is my rate of progression . This will be my 7th MMA fight in 10 months. I’m getting in there against the best guys every chance I can at different weights each time. I made my debut in September and skip 10 months on and now i’m in my third Championship Fight. Also I’ve got such dedicated people around me giving me one to one training constantly”

This is another super fight on this stacked fight card, Not many tickets left so get yours now from all fighters on the card..

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