Kelly: My biggest inspiration is probably myself, because I’m a legend.

Cage Legacy spoke with Nathan Kelly from Kyuzo MMA in Dublin today. The Featherweight title challenger is one of the top prospects in Irish MMA. Nathan Kelly holds a record of 9 wins with only 3 defeats and was a silver medallist for Ireland at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships.

Kelly will square off against Jack Maguire from BJJ Cork for the vacant Cage Legacy featherweight Championship at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.

“I got into the sport because of the UFC PlayStation game. I always knew about the sport but the game showed some styles of training and BJJ caught my eye. I decided to join and haven’t looked back since”


“I love the whole fight scene. I love training learning everyday and pushing myself. I also love the fact that there’s always someone who can bring a new challenge to you even when you’ve thought otherwise. I love fighting and everything involved.My favourite thing to use is pressure. With pressure you get to capitalise on mistakes from there you have strikes/submissions”


“I think what separates me from the other fighters is experience. I’m training since a young age. I’ve a good amount of fights. I’ve a good amount of fights against top competitors. I’ve fought Ireland’s best and even other countries best fighters. I’m very calm in the ring, plus I’ve magical grey haired powers”

” Id like to be remembered as a real sportsman so started from the bottom like everyone else and make my way to the top. I want to be known as someone who kept going were some others may have given up. I also want to be known as someone who improved and looked better after every fight I had”

“Id love to have a knock of Demetrius Johnson so he could school me so bad that I’d catch some of his techniques as he does them”


Nathan Kelly vs jack Maguire – Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda (11-2-17)

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Photo Credit – IMMAF

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