Kavanagh : “I am capable of finishing you from all angles”

We spoke to Full Power Gym and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu wizard Keith Kavanagh ahead of his upcoming featherweight bout with Patrick Collins (RFA) on February 11th in Drogheda.
The Full Power Fighter recently received his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Eddie Bravo black belt  Jeremy Fields and in his last bout he picked up a fantastic second round submission finish and will be looking take that form into Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.
How did you get in to the sport? “My sisters boyfriend did Muay Thai with Chris Fields years ago and as he started doing a bit with C-Mac in Blanch, himself and another friend convinced me to give it a go. Looked up nearby gyms, met a student who was a 10th Planet nut and the obsession started there”
Who is your biggest inspiration? “My dog inspires and motivates me to become the baddest motherfucker in the whole planet with the ability to heel hook, choke or armbar anything in my way… Because he’s really difficult to armbar or heelhook, he’s too quick and agile and this bothers me”
What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter? “The behind the scenes stuff is the best part for me. Competing at these events, meeting other fighters/martial artists and sharing techniques. The troubleshooting that goes on at the gym with the people who become your family. Walking into Matthew Whyte Lightnings left hand then giving him the “Nice one” nod. I appreciate all the ups and the downs, learning from mistakes and always trying to improve to help my team improve”
What separates you from every other fighter in your division? “My clinch game from the bottom is a huge one, I think a lot of fighters break when they’re dragged into the aspect of MMA they spend the least amount of time at, I’m capable of finishing you from all angles, from the places you’d least expect!
If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be? “Cruz, McGregor, Mayweather, anyone who could beat me up to give me a free seminar”
What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career? “Just when you think you have him….”
Keith Kavanagh (Full Power Gym) Vs Patrick Collins (Rush FA) Featherweight bout.
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