Ivan Zidar: My will for success will beat everything!!

Cage Legacy spoke with Croatian born MMA star Ivan Zidar today.

Zidar takes on Irish top prospect Nathan Kelly at Cage Legacy 3 Cork, July 22nd.

What made you start Mixed Martial Arts?? “I was 6 years in Croatian national team in kickboxing and few years in boxing where I collected 97 fights. Also when I was 16 I started with grappling where I won junior world championship and senior Europe bronze medal with 17 years, then I stopped grappling and continued only with kickboxing. So with that experience and K1 fights I decided to turn into MMA. Cause it’s something new for me and gives me more challenges. ”

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“I like to mix everything , The last 9 months I was doing a lot of wrestling, what gives me more confidence in my stand up. I was doing camp with a lot UFC and Bellator fighters so I push my self to the limits and develop in every segment of the game.”


“I’m sure that I’m gonna win, cause I spar and train with much better fighters than my opponent. I don’t care for finishes, I just wanna win, decision or KO I don’t care I’m ready for 10 rounds”

nathan kelly vs ivan zidar

Whats next for Zidar after Cage Legacy 3?  “After this fight probably fight in ACB, then one fight in Croatia and one in Montenegro in the end of the year”

“I’ll show him everything in the cage then we can go drink some Guinness haha”

ivan zidar

What makes me different? I’m always 100% prepared, I changed my whole life and left my home, family and I moved to Sweden and Allstars to success in this and my will for success will beat everything!!

Ivan Zidar travels from Sweden to Cork for Cage Legacy 3 to take on Nathan Kelly from Kyuzo MMA in Dublin in the professional bantamweight division!

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