“Fuck my record I just love to fight” Paddy Wilkinson Q&A Cage Legacy 4

Today Cage Legacy asked Malahide Martial Arts prospect Paddy Wilkinson a couple of questions ahead of his MMA lightweight bout with Patrick Lehane at Cage Legacy 4 October 29th!


How did you get into the sport?

Just went down to loose some weight and get fit in my local boxing club and loved it. Best feeling in the world is punching someone in the face 👌

Whats your favorite Strike/Submission?

I’ll have to say striking because it’s my background but i love a good competitive roll.


How do you see this fight ending?

One of us will get finished, my fights don’t go to decisions, I’m going in for a good technical knock

Whats next for you after this fight?.

Everything and anything, now I’m 18 and I can fight amateur I’ll try get on as many shows as possible, fuck my record I just love to fight.

Have you anything to say to your opponent?

Wish him the best of luck, both of us are in there to do the same job at the end of the day and once we perform and put on a show that’s the main thing.

What makes you different from everyone else in your division?

Iv been fighting grown men since I was 16 in K-1. The new prospects in the division are getting there name from beating up teens. Iv proven I can put men out in 12oz gloves. Now I get a glove half the size and opponents nearly a stone lighter. What separates me the most is I can never be written off in a fight, I can be beaten up for 3 rounds and just catch my opponent clean once and put him asleep. Unless I’m unconscious I’m always in the fight.

paddy w


This is another super fight on this already stacked fight card, Get your tickets now from ll fighters on the card! A night of MMA action not to be missed!

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