Decky Mcaleenan:”I’m going to knock him out”

We spoke to Decky Mcaleenan ahead of Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd in the Neptune Stadium, Mcaleenan takes on Haco Firat from Allstars Gym in Sweden in the professional featherweight division. We asked the Team Torres standout a couple of questions below…

How did you get into the sport?
“I have been involved in martial arts from I was 8 or 9. Fighting training and competing were the main things I done when I was growing up as my parents use to take me to Dublin do my karate training with the national karate coach Derek Desmond, as I was on the Irish national team from I was 12. So as karate started to get soft I started to loose interest, as I always showed up to fight and towards the end of my karate career the men I fought were just there to play the game. So my love for fighting and competing could only lead me towards MMA, it was something I talked about for some time before I made the jump”

What is your favourite Strike/Submission?dec
“I love body shots weather it be a punch or kick watching someone’s body shutting down on them is a good feeling and for submission it would be a north south choke”

Who or what inspires you the most?
“I hate losing I never do anything to come in second place, when I sign up to do something my drive to win is more than enough motivation”


How do you see this fight ending?
“I’m going to knock him out. After the 1st exchange he’s going to be in trouble and panic and when he does I’ll be there to pick my shot and put him away”

What is next for you after this fight?.
I take each fight as they come we’ll see what is offered to me after this.

What makes you different from everyone else in your division?
“My style… I’ve never copied anyone, I pick things from the best in every fighting sport and have put them together and made my own style”

Decky Mcaleenan is coming of a fantastic submission finish at Cage Warriors and will be looking to add to his record with another win come July 22nd. Not many tickets left so get yours now from all fighters.

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