Cage Legacy 8 Fight card – May 12th

Cage Legacy 8 – Newry.

Not running order – Subject to change.

Damien Rooney (Torres) V Alexandru Mezei (Gladiators Gym)– Professional Super Bantamweight Title – (3×5) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Decky Mcaleenan (Torres)  V  Julien Boutex (United Fight Team) – Professional Featherweight MMA Title – (3×5) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Karl MConaway (Shaolin MMA)  V  Caolan Loughran (Konfliction) – Bantamweight MMA Title – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Micky Pereira (Torres)  V (C) Patrick McNally (Belfast MA) – Flyweight MMA Title – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels


Main Card above starts 7.30pm Sharp


Solomon Simon (Ryano Waterford)  V  Kestes Evstifejevas (Spartan) – Lightweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Sean Boyd (Next Gen Dublin) V Ervins Linmeiers (Sanda MMA) – Light Middleweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Ruairi Lavery (Torres) V Nikola Ivanovic (SBG Ballina) – Bantamweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Aaron Reilly  (Full Power)  V Christophe Przywara  (SBGi) – Featherweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Sean Power (Ryano Dungarvan)  V  Nate Enright (SBG D24) – Welterweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Gary Lavery (ZKJ) v Manu Muresan (Waterford Ryano) – 63kg Catchweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels

Dave Phelan (Waterford Ryano)  V  Joe Jordon (SBG D24) – Catchweight MMA Bout – (3×3) Referee: Jonny Shiels


Prelims above starts 6.00pm Sharp

Shazard Ponde (One Art SMK)  V  Armand Herczeg (Sanda MMA) – Junior Super Lightweight K-1 Bout – (3×2) Referee: Wayne O’Broin

Adam Benazzouz (CBS) V  Carl Byrne (Spartan) – 72kg Bout – (3×2) Referee: Wayne O’Broin

Ethan Mcaleenan (Newry MT)  V  Ciaran Stokes (Sanda MMA) – Junior Light Featherweight K-1 Bout – (3×2) Referee: Wayne O’Broin

Ryan Meehan (CBS ) V Darren O’Donagh (Sanda MMA) – Junior Super Welterweight K-1 Bout – (3×2) Referee: Wayne O’Broin

Adrian Bialkowski (Arena Wexford)  V Cialam Dowdall (Sanda MMA) – Junior Flyweight K-1 Bout – (3×2) Referee: Wayne O’Broin

Doors open 3.30pm First fight 4pm sharp


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