Błażyński: “I’m more capable to finish the fight than he is”

Cage Legacy spoke to Filip Błażyński (Spartan) ahead of his welterweight showdown with hometown favorite Patrick Lehane from SBG Cork at Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd.
In just 9 days now the Neptune Stadium in Cork is were its all going down, the fight card is stacked from top to bottom with some of the worlds best MMA talent.
Filip Błażyński stated : “I’m more capable to finish the fight than he is. I’ve had one off night, and he showed up twice at his best and drawn both times” 

“I want to say one thing to Patrick. Honestly man I respect you but you’re in deep waters , you haven’t got what I have to finish the fight. You ain’t even a real welterweight. You had to gain weight to get here. You like to take a lot of punches and walk forward. You won’t be able to walk through my kind of power, I would like to give a big shout out to all my coaches and team mates at Spartan in Tallaght, Dublin”
This fight will have a lot of attention as both young men are eager to battle it out in 9 days at Cage Legacy 3. Another fantastic fight on this stacked fight card.Not may tickets remain so get yours now from all fighters..
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