Binder: This will show who wants it more!

Cage Legacy spoke to middleweight stand out Andreeas Binder from Shaolin MMA as he prepares for his upcoming bout against Dillon Manning at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda on February 11th 2017.
Binder is feeling confident about hes upcoming bout against Manning.
 I respect him because that is  the way i am, I respect everyone and know he is  a good fighter and I am sure will both go in with 110% looking for that finish .This will show who wants it more and Dillon lets put on a show!!
How did you get in to the sport? “Well i got into the sport because i was always that young kid in school fighting everyday and felt i could do better than that”
Who is your biggest inspiration? “My biggest inspiration will probably be my little brother because we are in the fighting game together and he got me into Judo and then transitioned to MMA. Then my other inspiration would be Benjamin Davis my role model.
What separates you from every other fighter in your division? 
“I am young and very hungry and all my fights were against people 10 or more years older than me and showed that i will never back away from a fight”
“My one dream is to finish college this year so i can sign a pro contract and have my pro debut!! Then i can focus only on MMA”
What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?
“That young hungry lad that never gave up his dream of making the big league , and to be the first Galway lad to win a major a world title in MMA”
“I would also like to thank my sponsors Herbalife & Kevin Greally”
Binder Vs Manning at Cage Legacy Fight Night Drogheda.
The winner will be the #1 contender for the middleweight championship!
Tickets on sale now HERE!
Fight Card HERE!

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