Keith Kavanagh: “The path will show itself and the finish will come”

Cage Legacy spoke with Full Power Gym MMA fighter and 10th Planet Purple belt Keith Kavangh today ahead of his featherweight showdown with Ben Judge FMBJJ at Cage Legacy 3 July 22nd in Cork.

keith kkHow did you get into the sport?
Needed a drastic change in my life and was introduced to the sport by my sisters boyfriend who had done a bit of training with Chris Fields and then some training with Deano from C-Mac. I started off at a gym in drogheda and became obsessed from day

Who or what inspires you the most?
My obsession with becoming the best in the world at all aspects, my mission to learn all the little details that make a technique work best.

Whats next for you after this fight?
Battle of the Boyne open weight Grand Prix where I’ll take on some of the top names in Jiu Jitsu in the country.

keith kkk

“I’m positive that the training in this fight camp has helped Ben improve as a martial artist but I’m a hard person to prepare for. My game is completely different to any footage he’ll find and it’ll take a flash KO for him to get the victory”

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“My obsession with detail, pushing to make my defence and offence the same thing. When you think you’re in a dominant spot, I’m capable of getting the finish. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the world online in jiu jitsu, who have guided me and been able to answer any questions I’ve had then we also had the good fortune to learn from Decky Dalton for awhile that’s where I learned what it really means to be a fighter. Now I’m motivated every day by Declan Kenna who constantly reminds our whole team that we’ll make it where we want to get if the work is consistent. I trust my coach and I trust my team. We will all get where we need to be. I believe in my jiu jitsu and this year has been the year I started to believe in my striking also thanks to my team and Declan Kenna. I’ll show what I’m capable of on the night, July 22nd. You’d be mad to miss this show, get your tickets ASAP.

Kavanagh is coming of a submission finish in his last MMA fight, Check out the video below…



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